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Avoid Overspending: Cloud Cost Management for HPC and AI Workloads

If you’re not actively managing your HPC and AI workloads, you’re likely overspending.

Costs can add up quickly, prompting organizations to shell out millions of dollars in wasted spending that could be used for more strategic applications. Gartner forecasts cloud spending reached $598 billion worldwide in 2023, of which as much as $191 billion was spent unnecessarily.

HPC and AI require massive, complex compute resources. Managing these environments efficiently and maximizing spend on critical workloads is crucial. Penguin Computing Scyld Cloud CentralTM is specifically built to manage complex HPC and AI environments.

Overspending in the Cloud

Forrester's research shows that 94% of organizations overspend their cloud budgets. Idle or underused resources and overprovisioning are two of the top reasons. Manual configurations and organizations’ lack of needed skills to control the cloud environment also contribute to the overspend.

Constantly fluctuating usage makes it difficult to match cluster sizes to workload requirements manually. Idle resources rack up charges and it’s common for users to overprovision, spinning up larger clusters than needed or simply forgetting to shut them down when projects are complete. Add to that the challenges of balancing data storage, networking, data egress fees, and inter-regional data transfers.

Pay-as-you-go environments require diligent monitoring and configuration to avoid surprise bills and costly mistakes.

How Scyld Cloud Central Reduces Cloud Computing Costs

Scyld Cloud Central is purpose-built to monitor and control costs, optimizing and allocating resources efficiently.

Robust Cost Controls

Scyld Cloud Central makes cost visible from the beginning of the cloud deployment process. As administrators configure clusters, the platform forecasts expected compute and storage costs based on instance type, processor selection, and memory capacity. This creates informed decision-making when balancing performance needs and budget constraints.

Dynamic Multi-Cloud Resource Tagging

Granular tagging of resources across clusters and clouds provides the foundation for detailed visibility within Scyld Cloud Central. Usage metrics can be tracked against variables like user, application, department, and more. With consolidated reports and cost allocation analysis, Scyld Cloud Central delivers transparency while enabling streamlined chargeback and showback capabilities.

Spending Guardrails and Monitoring

To curb uncontrolled spending, Scyld Cloud Central also enables administrators to define clear guardrails around utilization and cost by user, group, or project. The system proactively monitors cloud consumption against these boundaries, throttling usage if limits are approached and alerting stakeholders. This keeps utilization aligned to value and allows proactive decisions when approaching budget limitations.

Near-Real-Time Analysis of Cloud Spending

Consumption reports from cloud service providers can significantly lag behind. Sometimes a full day passes before billing information is available, potentially creating costly overruns. Rather than wait for delayed billing system updates, Scyld Cloud Central continuously pulls data to maintain an up-to-date view of consumption and charges across connected clouds. This near real-time spend awareness reduces surprises and empowers users to confidently control costs.

Tame Your Cloud Costs with Scyld Cloud Central

Scyld Cloud Central delivers end-to-end visibility, monitoring, and optimization to keep cloud costs under control. By providing administrators with the tools they need to set guardrails, track utilization, right-size deployments, and allocate expenses, the solution enables users to maximize the value derived from cloud environments.

Learn how Scyld Cloud Central can optimize your HPC and AI environments by visiting our website or downloading the solution brief for more details.