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Managed Services

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Cluster Management Challenges

Managing HPC clusters, storage systems, private clouds, or other complex, Linux-based environments can quickly consume IT budgets. System management and maintenance costs are increasing constantly and are often impossible to predict. An urgent need for contract or in-house services can put strain on any budget. And, as organizations repatriate services from cloud to a more balanced, hybrid cloud approach, often requiring new and unfamiliar technologies, the strain to deploy, manage, and integrate in-house resources with private or public cloud resources presents a major challenge.

Managed Services Solutions

Penguin Computing™ Managed Services is a proactive IT service designed to keep you up and running at peak production. We have decades of experience supporting clients across diverse market verticals, helping them manage their technology challenges through expert systems administration, consulting, and support services. We help organizations of all sizes to reduce overhead and boost productivity at a fixed annual cost.

With Penguin Computing, organizations can quickly realize the benefits of innovative solutions while minimizing costs and stress on in-house teams. From expert advice to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, we enable IT departments to devote more of their resources to optimizing processes, assets, and infrastructure to scale to meet growing business needs.

We provide you with a comprehensive solution so that you can focus valuable time and resources on the business and human challenges in bringing your projects to production. Your engineers and data scientists can do what they do best – bring new ideas and products to market.


  • Experienced IT services
  • Access to broad and deep expertise
  • Predictable, annual subscriptions and fixed rates
  • Adaptable to meet your needs


  • Quickly grow your capabilities
  • Leverage emerging and innovative technologies
  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Experience predictable operating costs
  • Boost productivity by focusing on your business, not on the technology
  • Enhance the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure
  • Ensure maximum performance and stability of your HPC clusters and other mission-critical systems
  • Get the most out of your hybrid-cloud strategy

Leverage Emerging Technologies

Quickly leverage powerful, emerging technologies to advance their competitiveness.

Augment In-House IT

Augment in-house IT capabilities can benefit from tapping into our expertise.

Maximize Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Manage costs while quickly scaling to meet your business needs.

Our Managed Services are a great fit for:

Small Teams

Small research teams who may be too inexperienced or small to support their technology systems.

Medium-Sized Organizations

Medium-sized organizations who are striving to balance growth with cost, particularly as they may be attempting to repatriate systems and services from earlier public cloud experiments.

Large Organizations

Large organizations with high compute workloads and data volumes who are using HPC and AI to drive ambitious business goals.