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Inaction isn’t an option. Increasing revenue, beating the competition, reducing risk—it all comes down to making better informed decisions faster.

But, quickly getting more actionable data requires more flexible data transfer, access, and storage. And, of course, financial services firms and the massive quantities of data they generate must be prepared for the inevitable AI revolution—because the competition sure will be.

From big data analytics to storage, new technologies are giving insurance, banking, investment firms and others the tools they need to become more.


Banks and hedge funds have struggled to keep pace with the needs of their quant researchers because of the inefficiencies of mechanical media and the classic tiered-storage data management model. When insights are dependent on rotational media, portfolio managers lose the ability to maximize alpha. Penguin Computing™ and VAST breaks the decades-old storage performance and capacity tradeoff to enable at-scale processing of market data and train AI data sets at any scale. With VAST Universal Storage, all of your market data archive can be stored on one tier of scalable, affordable flash – making it possible to backtest and train all trading models in real time.

  • Real-Time Application Responsiveness for All Your Data
  • Multi-Tenant, Global-Namespace Trading Infrastructure
  • Parallel File System Performance, NAS Simplicity

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Penguin Computing has helped financial services firms to convert mandatory IT change windows required by regulatory compliance or infrastructure issues into opportunities to innovate.
Choose from tailored technology and services to transform your firm with:

  • Software-Defined-Storage
  • Storage-as-a-Service
  • On-site or cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) clusters
  • GPU-accelerated computing
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning

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