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Scyld Cloud Manager

Comprehensive management platform to cloud-enable Enterprise HPC

Managing the administration requirements of users and groups in an HPC environment is a complex challenge. Penguin Computing™ designed Scyld™ Cloud Manager to streamline management processes and bottlenecks.

Scyld Cloud Manager Benefits

Manage Cloud-Enabled HPC Environments with Ease

Scyld Cloud Manager is a fully integrated solution for managing HPC users, groups, VMs, storage, access control, and billing. Available for existing HPC clusters or ready to run as a standalone VM cloud environment.

Control your Cluster Through a Web Portal

The web-based interface of Scyld Cloud Manager is built to be integrated into existing IT infrastructure, putting live and historical usage reporting and resource management tools on a single brandable platform.

Designed for User Simplicity

Along with its administrative tools, Scyld Cloud Manager emphasizes ease of use for HPC cloud users. Scyld Cloud Manager is a web portal for users, allowing them to access their cloud-enabled HPC environment, view their usage and billing history, view and submit jobs, all in a secure environment.

Ready for Virtual Machines

Designed with flexibility in mind, Scyld Cloud Manager simplifies resource control with VM lifecycle management, and provides Ceph storage for redundant, high-performance VM storage. Additionally, VMs can be configured to support remote 3D visualization servers.

Backed by HPC Experts

Scyld Cloud Manager is developed and supported by a team of experts with decades of HPC cluster experience.