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FUJIFILM SonoSite iViz designed with Inforce 64XX SoM

Mobility and connectivity has changed our lives in many astonishing ways from how we play to how we work, and now it is actually saving lives. FUJIFILM SonoSite® has leveraged the Inforce 64XX™ system on module to build a portable ultrasound machine, iViz™, to be used in remote locations where people are in need of medical attention such as ambulances, battlefields, emergency rooms, or even in the hands of a midwife. In Afghanistan, 5 American soldiers will live to see another day because of this ground breaking technology. While under enemy attack, the unit’s field doctor had to make a tough decision to treat the injured themselves or risk the mission by calling for medical backup. The FUJIFILM SonoSite iViz was simple to use but powerful enough so they were able to complete the mission and stabilize the injured soldiers. The Android based device connects to the cloud and is able to store voice memos, high quality photos, exam findings, and submit reports. Physicians can make quick decisions or send the data to a nearby hospital so they can prepare a room for surgery. Being a lightweight 7-inch tablet, it can also easily fit in your pocket. The FUJIFILM SonoSiteiViz uses a Inforce 64XX SOM which takes advantage of full connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, micro USB, HDMI, support for dual cameras and audio. Inforce was also able to provide FUJIFILM SonoSite with design assistance services to help attain stringent certifications required for commercial volume manufacturing. FUJIFILM SonoSite chose the Snapdragon™ 600 processor and Android for this portable device to be able to deliver an intuitive UI, image processing, and image rendering. This portable ultrasound machine provides high-definition 2D imaging and Color Velocity Doppler capability for vibrant color flow images. Inforce is excited to be part of a project that has so much impact on people’s lives and changing the way medical professionals work in order to make better, quicker decisions and have more data at their fingertips no matter where they are. This is a huge leap for medical technology. iViz is the first medical visualization solution to support bi-directional connectivity for electronic medical records which saves valuable time by eliminating manual entries. You can simply send patient reports to cloud-based EMR systems with just a few taps of your finger. Android OS is flexible enough to allow the platform to use the dual cameras for patient barcode scanning, as well as browse the web, send off emails, and provide wireless access to sensors such as the SmartHeart™ 12-lead ECG device which monitors the patient’s vitals. The FUJIFILM SonoSiteiViz is fully in commercial production and being used all over the world today. The video below shows just how the iViz is saving actual lives including 5 soldiers in Afghanistan, a newborn baby in Morocco, a father in France, and a boy in San Francisco who was in a terrible accident. https://youtu.be/HGtZxUuehuw