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Penguin Computing™ Joins AMD to Deliver HPC Capability to Researchers at NYU, MIT and Rice University to Fight COVID-19

Penguin Computing™, a division of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGH), is committed to supporting the critical scientific research efforts required for an effective COVID-19 response. As part of this commitment, we’re proud to announce our partnership with AMD and its COVID-19 HPC Fund, to provide research institutions with significant computing resources to accelerate medical research on COVID-19 and other diseases. Penguin Computing and AMD will collaborate and deliver a constellation of on-premises and cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) solutions to three of the top universities in the United States - New York University (NYU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Rice University - to help elevate the research capabilities of hundreds of scientists who will ultimately contribute to a greater understanding of the novel coronavirus. Powered by the latest 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct MI50 GPU accelerators, the systems donated to the universities are each expected to provide over one petaflop of compute performance. An additional four petaflops of compute capacity will be made available to researchers through our HPC cloud service, Penguin Computing® On-Demand™ (POD). Combined, the donated systems will provide researchers with more than seven petaflops of GPU accelerated compute power that can be applied to fight COVID-19. Penguin Computing’s POD systems will be collocated in data center space donated by DataBank. Penguin Computing turned to DataBank to meet the ultra-high-density requirements of these cutting edge platforms in POD. DataBank is also donating power, cooling and internet bandwidth to provide network capacity for the entire environment. The recipient universities are expected to utilize the new compute capacity across a range of pandemic-related workloads including genomics, vaccine development, transmission science and modeling. Additionally, scientists from around the world conducting COVID-19 research can request access to the remote AMD-powered cloud HPC cluster at Penguin Computing by submitting proposals to [email protected].