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Penguin Solutions™ Sponsoring and Exhibiting at OCP Summit 2022

Penguin Solutions is proud to be a sapphire sponsor of Open Compute Project (OCP), taking place in-person from October 18-20, 2022, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA. The convention is the largest gathering of technologists looking to apply the benefits of open source and open collaboration to hardware and software, and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the data center and beyond. 

We encourage attendees to visit our Booth #B12 for one-on-one conversations with our technology experts. We will be showcasing several of our technology solutions including TrueHPC with Intel, True HPC with Scyld Culsterware, Origin AI, Relion XE4218GT and Altus XO3218GTS: 

  • Penguin Computing™ True HPC with Scyld Clusterware + AMD EPYC Processors - Born in the cloud, the AMD EPYC ™ system on chip (SoC) delivers innovation to better support the needs of existing and future datacenter applications. Whether you deploy bare metal, virtualized, or cloud environments, the AMD EPYC SoC powers fast, responsive and secure IT.  
  • Altus® XE4218GTS GPU Server with AMD Epic 70002 Processors - The Penguin Computing Altus® XE4218GTS server provides a dual socket AMD EPYC™ processor platform, fast and efficient memory, and leverage NVIDIA Delta 8x A100-SXM for high-end data analytics workloads. With powerful compute and dense storage in a 4U form factor, the Altus XE4218GTS is an optimal platform for large scale enterprise and hyperscale deployments.
  • Altus® XO3218GTS with Dual AMD EPYC 7002 Processor – The Altus XO3218GTS is a cutting-edge system, utilizing the OCP form factor to provide extreme density at the rack level. With support for eight NVIDIA A100 GPUs in NVIDIA HGX baseboard, this AMD-based system benefits from OCP's infrastructure benefits, including 48V power, along with direct-to-chip liquid cooling to provide more compute and acceleration capabilities in a smaller footprint. Altus XO3218GTS is a perfect option for organizations looking to support their team's most demanding workflows.
  • Altus® XO1232g Server - The Penguin Computing Altus® XO1232g includes flexible storage options, fast and efficient memory modules, and powerful processors. Choose the Altus XO1232g for your most demanding, data-intensive workloads while also improving your data center’s efficiency, as a basis for a Tundra® Extreme Scale HPC System.  

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