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Unleash the Power of USB-C with Inforce 6560

Inforce’s newest Single Board Computer based on Qualcomm®’s Snapdragon 660™ core is close to being available for everyone. A key interface on this hardware would be the USB-C connector that runs on the USB 3.1/gen 1 protocol - the most recent version of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard for connecting peripheral devices. USB-C is a powerhouse that fits even more pins into its thin and compact shape as compared to the standard USB Type-A and B connections.
    • USB-C simplifies connectivity and increases reliability with a symmetrical reversible connector. So it fits correctly whichever way you plug it in and offers the same functionality.
    • USB-C on Inforce 6560 supports the DisplayPort Alternate Mode, which is a functional extension of the USB-C interface. You could plug a USB-C cable directly into a 4K UltraHD television from the SBC and watch 4K videos with premium sound on the big screen. You could also connect to and power a native DisplayPort, MHL, or HDMI device with the proper adapter and cables – all from the single connector!
    • Audio – The USB-C standard audio accessory mode is supported on Inforce 6560, which enables audio to be transmitted to system peripherals, while still maintaining the ability to transfer USB data over the same connector. You could thus do a lot of cool things while listening to audio from the same connector.
  • USB-C Power Delivery supports charging when acting as a Host. The Inforce 6560 can thus supply power to a connected device from its USB-C connector while still maintaining the ability to transfer USB data over the same connector. USB PD allows devices to optimize power flow across multiple peripherals by negotiating different PD profiles. Say for example, headsets can draw less power than external HDDs
Our engineers are providing final touches to a fully featured Android Oreo BSP for this new product today. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting product!