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Powering Smart Fitness

Are you getting the most out of every workout session? There is data in every drop of sweat and your workout equipment wants to analyze it for you. The world of health and exercise is changing as gym members and home fitness enthusiasts harness the power of technology to create more effective, engaging and immersive workout experiences. The most competitive fitness machine makers are combining internet of things (IoT) capabilities, immersive video elements and user-friendly smart-fitness equipment to create individually-tailored workouts, track progress and accelerate fitness goal achievement. Smart Fitness - Treadmill The treadmill, stationary bicycle and elliptical trainer literally know your name. Each piece of equipment you use for your workout session is interwoven with companion apps that run on your phone. Every drop of sweat, mile covered and calorie burned can be tracked and shared with your friends, competitors, team or trainer where virtual group peer pressure provides engagement, motivation and encouragement. Can you imagine a spin class session in the privacy of your own home, with a one-on-one coach who's on the other side of the world? Not only that, but can you imagine an immersive video technology that propels you through a virtual outdoor environment, as if you're cycling alongside a Tour D' France yellow jersey!? As with other IoT use cases, this experience requires underlying hardware that powers the high demand video processing load in a small, inexpensive and powerful package -- with the reliability of an industrial appliance. The need for this IoT tech has created a rapidly expanding market for embedded computer hardware manufacturers to design and build the specialized hardware that will bring experiences like this to the consumer marketplace. Inforce's embedded computing solutions are already powering the latest fitness tech!