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[Live Webinar] Understanding Snapdragon ISPs and choosing a camera sensor

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="aligncenter" width="777"]Understanding the potential of Snapdragon ISPs selecting the right camera sensor for your Inforce platform Understanding the potential of Snapdragon ISPs[/caption]

Understanding the potential of Snapdragon ISPs and selecting the right camera sensor for your Inforce platform

October 3rd 9AM PST

Whether you are interested to see how Snapdragon can benefit the advanced photography or video needed in your application, or you have already shortlisted your top choice camera sensors, this live event is for you.  width=


Join Inforce Computing to learn about the capabilities of Snapdragon integrated ISPs to take advantage of improved auto-focus, low-light capture & image rectification, zero shutter lag and HDR.  We will discuss the different types of sensors available for Inforce micro SOMs and SBCs, and how to select the best camera for your use case.  Camera selection and integration can be a quick and painless part of the typical development process through Inforce ecosystem, services, and support. Lead by Inforce Technical Marketing Engineer and Sr. Architect