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Time is Money – How Penguin Computing Applied OCP Solutions to Improve Customer Competitiveness

Penguin Solutions™is an early adopter and supporter of Open Compute Project (OCP) technology and occupies a unique space in the data center and high performance computing industry. Few vendors can integrate all required components to provide a single supplier support solution that aligns with OCP principles. 

The Penguin Computing Tundra® platform is one of Penguin’s many OCP-compatible solutions. The solution combines the capital and operating savings of OCP-based hardware while utilizing the latest and most-efficient processes for HPC and AI applications. 

Penguin Solutions has supported customers through the use of OCP technology across industries, including the members-owned stock exchange, MEMX, who was curious how they could bring new competition into the trading market with the help of technology to drive three effects: lower fees, give its members a voice in market dialogue and decisions, and foster innovation. 

Penguin Computing and partners like Intel helped MEMX achieve their desired competitive position. The MEMX platform is built on Penguin Computing’s next-generation Tundra ES platform with OCP compatibility that offers extreme high density with more than 75 nodes in a single OCP rack. Running in one high-efficiency rack also reduces points of latency and failure. By choosing Penguin Computing’s extreme high-density Tundra ES platform and standardizing on Intel architecture, MEMX is able to run a high-performance system at lower cost than with other traditional approaches to an exchange infrastructure. 

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Learn how principles of the Open Compute Project® (OCP) overcome current design limitations for computing hardware and software, and the benefits of OCP over EIA standards.

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