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Webinar: How SOSA Aligns with Current Open Standards

One of the keys to the success of the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) is that it was developed by aligning with current open standards and open systems architectures, including FACE, HOST, REDHAWK, OpenVPX, and similar specifications. The SOSA Consortium also works closely with such standards organizations as VITA, FACE, PICMG, IEEE, SAE International, Wireless Innovation Forum, and others. This webcast, titled "How SOSA Aligns with Current Open Standards," held Tuesday, May 11, covers how the SOSA Technical Standard has adapted to and aligned with open architecture standards and how it has impacted the design of SOSA-conformant hardware and software. Speakers include: Rodger Hosking, VP and Co-founder, Pentek; Duc Hoy Tran, VP, Global Marketing, Aitech Systems; and Dinesh Jain, Product Manager, Military Electronics, Penguin Edge. Moderating the presentation is John McHale, Group Editorial Director for Military Embedded Systems.